Bonnie Dundee Local Rules

Before You Play

  • Wear appropriate clothing – golf or soccer attire (or any combination thereof) is perfectly acceptable
  • Cleated Shoes are not permitted. Turf shoes and sneakers are permitted.
  • Do not bring any personal or outside food & beverage – We have food & beverages available at the course. All beverages MUST BE PURCHASED AT THE COURSE.
  • All players must check in at the Bonnie Dundee Pro Shop before beginning play.

FootGolf Rules

  • Be able to identify your ball
  • Start each hole by kicking your ball from a position of up to 6 feet behind the Tee marker.
  • The ball must be “struck” by your foot – the ball cannot be swept, carried, or rolled by the bottom of one’s foot
  • The ball cannot be struck while the ball is still moving
  • If one player’s ball strikes another player’s ball, the ball at rest shall be returned to its original position
  • There is a 2-stroke penalty for kicking another player’s ball
  • Play the ball as it lies, unless your next shot is obstructed by a cart path, drainage grate, or immovable object not a tree
  • If your play is obstructed, you may take relief within 3 feet of the obstruction, no closer to the hole. Trees are not obstructions.
  • If your ball lands on a regular golf Green, please take it to the nearest edge off the Green, No closer to the hole no Penalty.
  • If your ball lands in a water hazard or is out-of-bounds, then there is a 1-stroke penalty and the ball shall be played within 6 feet of where it crossed the boundary line
  • If your ball lands in the sand, you may play the ball. Please rake the sand when you are finished with the hole.
  • Do not play from a golf putting green should a FootGolf ball come to rest on one.
  • Each strike of the ball counts as 1 stroke
  • Each hole’s score is determined by the number of strokes taken until the ball is in the hole


  • Be respectful of your fellow players, the golf course, and everyone else on the course
  • Maintain a 2 hours pace of play – each hole should take between 5-10 minutes to play
  • Do not kick directly into the group in front of you
  • You should always remain at least 2 kicks behind the group directly in front of you